Lee Nadler Marketing Communications Manager at MINI USA

Lee Nadler (@leenadler on Twitter & Instagram) is Marketing Communications Manager at MINI USA and is responsible for managing unique, multichannel, MINIcentric marketing programs in the US. Prior to joining MINI, Lee ran Sherpa Marketing, Inc. which consulted for BMW, CNN, Gilt Groupe, eMusic and Yahoo! Before that he was the first head of Marketing for DoubleClick and had roles on the agency side at Kirshenbaum & Bond and as President/CEO of Digital Pulp. You can reach him here



Thrive by Arianna Huffington

I subscribe to the notion that you shouldn’t just survive, you should thrive.  And I agree that we all need some time to recharge by unplugging. I recently met Arianna Huffington and heard her speak about Thrive.  She seemed to get to the breaking point, literally, of pushing herself too far and getting out of the work-life balance.  Thrive is a good reminder to enjoy the simpler things in everyday life and has some good tips for putting it into practice (meditation, not looking at your phone first thing when you wake up).

Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen

Having spent a month in Nepal and 22 days trekking on Mt Everest, I am fascinated by the stories of the Himalayas and people of the region. And while I am still in the process of reading the book, what I like most is the combination of recounting the physical difficulties with the emotional awakening.  I also like that the story doesn’t sugar-coat the challenges and “costs” of committing to an experience such as climbing in the Himalayas.


The Sherpa Within

I am writing and reading my own book, which I hope to publish one day soon. See for more information. The Sherpa Path is an ongoing exploration. A living journal chronicling my Path of discovery and self-improvement. Through the lens of the Sherpas, I’ve formed a perspective that makes the journey through my life and career more enjoyable and fulfilling. In the Blog and Interviews with Sherpas, as well as Westerners who I believe have a Sherpa-like quality, I am recognizing Sherpa Principles, which inspire me to push past seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve success (however you chose to define it). The Sherpas do that time and time again on Mt. Everest, the largest physical obstacle we can face. And they guide others with a special spirit. I am attempting to keep the Sherpa Spirit alive at home in NYC, some 7,500 miles away from Nepal. I hope that others can find some insights and inspiration to reach their own “Summit of Success.” 


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