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Kurt Hunzeker, Vice President of Marketing Strategy for Minor League Baseball
Kurt Hunzeker, Vice President of Marketing Strategy for Minor League Baseball

Kurt Hunzeker is starting his first season as Vice President of Marketing Strategy for Minor League Baseball. Prior to joining MiLB, he was Senior Director, Brand Marketing for Rawlings Sporting Goods, and he also has extensive experience on the agency side of the table at Sports, Experiential and General Market shops crafting programs for Nike, Ford Motor Company, Miller Brewing Company and others. You can reach him here.



 How to Market to People Not Like You by Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald introduced me to a term I have used extensively since I first read it in her book, How to Market to People Not Like You: the high-potential consumer.  I simply love that term.  For the past five years, my professional life has centered on baseball, and with the influx of Latin American players into the game over the past 20 years and the expansion of U.S. Hispanics buying power in recent years, this book has been very influential on me.  In my current role, I am currently creating strategic platforms to best connect Minor League Baseball with U.S. Hispanics in markets throughout the U.S.  This is my #1 priority, and McDonald’s book made me think differently to achieve these goals.


 Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell

If there is one constant in my life, it’s that I always “listen” to my gut feeling. Always. Malcolm Gladwell quantified this belief system, highlighting example after example of how to make the quick-glance analysis.  The art of “thin-slicing” has been a continuous project for me since I first read Blink, and I’d like to think that I have been able to successfully utilize this ability to cut through the clutter and attack a problem directly to create the best solution possible.


 Executive Orders by Tom Clancy

In an alternate universe, my dream job is to be the White House Press Secretary.  I truly believe this person is the de facto director of marketing for the United States.  So I gravitate towards politically-focused books.  I loved almost every one of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan-led books, but Executive Orders was the pinnacle primarily because the reluctant Ryan was thrust into the presidency after a tragic incident, and Clancy’s writing was simply amazing.  Ryan’s handling of an impending world war – namely, his utter and complete verbal thrashing of an overly-aggressive and ill-advised prime minister is some of the best writing of any kind I have ever read.


Feature header by the brilliant Jay Roeder. You can see more of his great work here. Portrait of Mr. Hunzeker by the scintillating Mike Caplanis. You can see more of his work here.

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